Like a leaf in the wind - The way is the goal

Spirebo on Tour

A dropout community of a different kind

We dream! And actively try to live our dream

Learn who we are, what drives us, why we have chosen this way of life - and want to stay with it:

Living dreams...

Living freedom and self-care together.

Trusting the inner voice and nurturing it.

Staying flexible, like a leaf in the wind.

...Loving life...

When dreams, goals and visions become the most important things in life. love!

The Meridian Expedition

The call of this expedition has taken us far across the world.

Pictures speak all languages

Enclosed impressions from our life in a photo and video gallery

Very Personal: Our (B)Log Book

We like to share our knowledge and experience. Report on the chaos and also all the beautiful sides of our community.

(B)Log-book entries:

Are darkness and light part of one creation?

Can it not be that darkness and light are part of one creation? That the origin knows no distinction?I was...
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You want to break new ground?

Traditional sailer "Stahlratte" for sale

This sailing ship gave us a home for 2 years. Now we would like to start a new project in Chile. It is not financially possible for us to keep this beautiful iron lady and at the same time implement new projects.

Therefore we are looking for a buyer for this unique ship!

If you are interested look here

Our shamanic consultant

Interested in why we like him so much? Then take a look here:

Tradition sailor STAHLRATTE

You like this ship as much as we do? Then take a closer look at the info: