photo & Video Gallery

our life
from 2006 until 2023

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Photo Gallery in years:

beginnings in the heidehaus, black forest in germany

Opening at Heidehaus with 14 Spirebos
Entire walls were completely decorated with paintings
Nature Spirits Hike with Meditation
Painted by Mario Rocco
Heidehaus in the background, us on the way to a hike

2006 until 2007

Our grotto, a room with a gemstone wall and salt floor
Gemstone couch
We had 70 dromedaries in Togo
Herb harvesting and natural living almost entirely without electricity
Being strong together
Moving from Togo to Bulgaria
Most important to us were the children
View of our village Bena Montagne

Togo, Westafrica

Picnic with the whole village Bena Plateau
Ein Gruppenbild einer Patchworkfamilie
Our first 6 orphans together with us
Major project Bistro & House of Culture
Bush ambulance, our travelling health clinic
We had a large number of herbal medicines
Oxen team in Togo

2007 until 2015

Mario with our orphans
Our community grew rapidly through the Kinder
Children's hut from the inside
Individual counselling on the Ark
The entrance to Bena Montagne
Own herd of horses
Meditation in Togo

Tradition-Sailor "Stahlratte" / Steel Rat

Initially without sailing experience...
Mast work
Packing in the sails on La Gomera
Shipyard time
Ship refurbishment 2021
Full speed ahead
Our community in Vigo, Spain
Spirit of optimism
Bilge work

From 2021

With the dinghy to the steel rat
Interior fittings bedroom
Fun is always on, Lynn here
Anna checking the sails
Painted by Mario Rocco

Canary Island La Gomera

Building your own pole oven, you can watch the video by clicking on the picture!
Open kitchen
View of the Teide, the highest mountain in Spain (!)
Planting a potato field
Our Finca
Public Meditation Garden
Laurel Forest La Gomera
Being strong together 🙂


Terrace Cultivation La Gomera
Self-made wooden stairs
Opening of the Medi-Garden near the Laurel Forest
Staircase construction

Patagonia, Chile

Remote Campo
Greenhouse & Winter Storage Building
Nature pure
Creating a greenhouse


Clear water

Odrintsi, Bulgaria

Feel-good house before renovation...
Shelling peas by hand after harvesting
Our Meditation House, the "House of Light
Mowing with old equipment on horseback
Annual hay harvest
Building fences & walls with rods
Our water buffaloes
Building the biogas plant by hand
Bring in hay
Daily herding of our animals
Einkorn harvesting by hand with a sickle
Large gardens
Set up loom
Complete clay plaster
Millet harvest
Cheese cellar
Renovation of our first home
... and afterwards!
Our kids
Gruppenbild, auf einer Treppe drapiert
Our Community in Bulgaria
Residential houses and gardens
Our stable
Threshing machine driven via the impeller
Clay plaster
Mehrere Menschen decken ein Dach voll Ziegel ab
Re-roofing with the old tiles
Shearing sheep by hand
Milking always by hand
Hand-operated cleaning maschine, hier Kichererbsen vom Feld
Keeping horses as good friends
The White River Valley
Construction of an 11 m deep cheese cellar
Pumpkin harvest
Gutting before renovation
Own wool processing
Herb processing

2015 until 2021

We had some Kangal dogs as herd protectors
Our self-made running wheel
Beekeeping and care
Leather tanning with natural agents
Mann und Frau präsentieren selbstgemachte Käselaiber in einer Käaserei
Sven & Anna, our cheese dairy specialists
We learned a lot through demolition & renovation
Mehrere Menschen legen von Hand ein Kartoffelfeld an
Create fields
Natural animal husbandry
Natural stone stairs
Planting a garden in spring
Impeller in use
Making out potatoes with gelding Remos
Own wells Drilling
Weave baskets
Our beginnings in tents

Video Gallery

Living without electricity I, II and III

Craftsman overview

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A complete overview in pictures of our years together

Sailing ship steel rat - times

Best of steel rat in 5 minutes

Surprise shipyard, amazement at ship construction

First long ride after the shipyard

Our time in Odrintsi, Bulgaria