Expedition Meridian

For this task we left our paradise Odrintsi, sailed with the 120 year old traditional sailer "Stahlratte" across the Atlantic, landed on the Canary Island La Gomera & are now in far away Chile.

What are earth meridians?

They are energy paths that surround our earth like a net.

Why are there blockages?

With everything that man does, he changes the energetic balance.

What we can do!

We should preserve and guard our places of power & sacred places worldwide!

what are earth meridians?

Similar to how meridian pathways cross the human body according to traditional Chinese medicine, there are energy pathways in our earth (not the geographical meridians). Where they intersect, there are places on the surface of the earth with particularly intense energy. The wise ancients, such as druids and shamans, used these places as sacred sites. Rites were practiced here or profound meditations were performed.

There are 72 places around the world that are directly connected to our earth center. These in turn have an influence on all meridian pathways.

The Meridian Expedition has reactivated these 72 dormant places. Through their reawakening, thousands of power places & sacred places could arise anew worldwide, which help us humans to perceive our innermost, our own soul.

The energy from the earth’s interior can support us humans to find our personal life task and thus our ideal task area in life and in the community.

 In the past, large stones or stone pillars were embedded in such special places. Or trees were planted, which became especially strong and expansive due to the special energy from the earth. For our ancestors these trees were sacred.

Why are there Blockades?

With everything that man takes from the earth, he changes the energetic balance. Any form of overexploitation can destroy these energy pathways. It is precisely ores, minerals, coal and oil deposits that serve as energy conductors. In other words, the raw materials that civilization can’t get enough of.

Also special places like power places, light centers and holy places can be destroyed or desecrated by humans. Power claims, wars and inquisition had the consequence that hardly anything remained of this cultural asset of our forefathers. Neither materially nor spiritually. The wise people were swept away, died out and with them their knowledge.

Without the light, loving energy of these spiritual mediators, connected with the earth, these special places lost their supporting effect. They were desecrated by violence and ignorance. 

Spiritual support, creative love and also energetic help from inside the earth can only work according to the principle of resonance. Man with his thoughts and deeds is always the decisive factor.

What we can do!

Many helpers and we with the Meridian Expedition have succeeded in bringing the 72 light centers back to life and thus reactivating thousands of sacred places & places of power.

This help was already laid out by creation in the origin for us, especially for those who are looking for spiritual support and truth in their lives.

Help us to let the 72 light centers continue to work, and also to keep the power places and sacred places of this earth alive!

In these times, this can awaken new perspectives and hope in us – for each individual – and for all.

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Meridian Expedition

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Spirebo Expedition Meridian 2021

We don’t use the word “meridian” in the sense of longitude and latitude of our earth. Traditional Chinese medicine comes closer to this:

Similar to us humans, energy pathways run around the globe – and they do not suddenly end at the coast.

From many countries of the world we know power places and holy places, which were built on meridian paths or exist naturally (Stonehenge in England for example, the Uluru / Ayers Rock in Australia, the Nazca lines in Peru).

But what about the meridians on the bottom of the sea? There are manipulations that were intentionally done there – hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

The consequences: On the land, on all continents, the energy no longer flows to the power places & sacred places, which should actually flow there to promote and support man in his spiritual development.

Thus, all these places lost their meaning, and people stayed away from them more and more, until their actual meaning was forgotten.

The consequence of this is that man loses contact with spiritual reality. He feels detached and lost, indeed a downright senselessness in his existence.

The true courage, hope, trust, even love in his heart is lost to him.

He no longer knows what is right or wrong.

Expedition Meridian 2021 wants to change exactly that. We want to try to dissolve this manipulation, so that a natural energy flow takes place again, which continues to power places and sacred places. So that all conscious people and all people who are in search of the truth can be inspired again, they feel “flashes of inspiration” again and thus their soul is activated and man knows what he exists for.

In traditional Chinese medicine, stimuli are set by acupuncture needles to bring about changes. We would like to set exactly such needles/stimuli to neutralize the manipulations.

We want to dissolve manipulations in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and in Oceania, and thus hope to give many people the opportunity to absorb and feel exactly what was intended for them by Creation at the power places, places of strength and sacred places.