It pulls us on!

We set the

further – where and how is still unclear

From heart to heart


You have a dream? Pure nature, peace, quiet, seclusion? You are a craftsman / gardener etc. and want to take your life into your own hands?


We have created a self-catering paradise here on La Gomera.

At the edge of our property, we Spirebos have built a meditation garden, which is freely accessible and usable 24 hours a day for every person – no matter what their beliefs are.

Actually, our community had planned to stay here longer. Now the Meridian Expedition is calling us back to the oceans. The Steel Rat, our 1903-built sailing ship, is our old home and will once again become our new one.

Many of us had the feeling that we would not spend decades here. The fact that it is now moving so quickly has also taken us by surprise!

Since 16 years we would like to follow the call of the spiritual world, even if we cannot explain some things with our mind. We are in a hurry to get back to the steel rat to fulfill our spiritual task. We are therefore happy about quickly decided people 🙂

Maybe we were just here to build this place for other people?

(17,000 hours of work done by us)

We wish with all our hearts that someone takes over this place here with love, which radiates so much security.

That this property is available to people who want to realize their dreams away from civilization.

We wish that this place passes into good loving hands. Therefore we would like to get to know you personally and at the same time you get the opportunity to experience this place first hand to see it with your heart. This way we can personally exchange ideas about a settlement and handover in a creative sense.

Your possibilities and our ideas will surely lead to a common agreement. An agreement should help both sides to personal freedom and thus leads to peace, freedom and harmony.

Serious offers to:

You can find more contact information HERE.

Data, Facts & Figures

  • On this property we have already implemented some goals of self-sufficient living, such as garden-terrace facilities, compost toilets and a bright & friendly renovated residential finca.
  • This 53.000 m2 large property, which is rather rare in the Canary Islands, offers you the design possibilities to make this place exactly your personal paradise.
  • The renovated finca has 4 bedrooms or living rooms, 1 storage room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 2 compost toilets, 1 bread oven, veranda and roof terrace.
  • The entire property is terraced and many cultivated areas cleaned.
  • Good fertile soil, not spoiled by chemical poisons and machinery use (both energetically and materially uncontaminated).
  • Ideal for self-sufficiency
  • Ideal for fruit growing, especially crops such as apples, pears, plums, peaches and kiwis.
  • Also suitable for many vegetables and crops

Any questions?

Write to us – call us.  The exchange with you is very important to us, so let us know if you have a question on your mind.