Sailing ship looking for new owners

Our 120 year old lady of steel is looking for new owners, a new concept, investors, a community....

... an IDEA that keeps them alive!

Data & Facts

The Steel Rat was built in 1903 in a Dutch shipyard. You can find more info about this beautiful ship here:

Fresh from the shipyard

The steel rat was fundamentally renovated at the end of 2021

Lots of space!

We lived on this ship with 28 people. 

Sailing experience

Let yourself be enchanted – even frequent sailors are thrilled by the steel rat. 

Tradition meets functionality

Ideal for communities, travel & eco transport

We are looking for people who will keep this beautiful ship alive!


Write us for more information!

  • Upon request, we will send an exposé of the steel rat.
    There is also a value appraisal just prepared.

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