Clear text about us

Openly and honestly!

Many of us have tried our community, the spiritual, what drives us / fills us, what we are looking for and, and, and to put into words to bring it over here.

And … it doesn’t work!

The paper filled up page by page and you could have packed more. What is banned on paper is clear there – our lives change far too often for that.

And it is nicer to answer questions directly, and not “to inform in advance”, because the answer could be different every day, we learn (hopefully;) ) every day.

Common questions to us such as “Are you a sect? Do you have conflicts and how do you solve them? Do you believe in God? Do you swap partners? How do you make decisions?” etc. are inadequately answered with a general YES or NO.

So: SORRY that there are no exact explanations about our community!

For the sake of openness and honesty, who it will help:

– Here is the explanation of the word sect. What do you answer there? It’s best for you to decide for yourself! In any case, we do not have any constraints; free will is very important to us.

Of course there are conflicts and arguments with us, solutions are different. Everyone wants to recognize their own weaknesses and strengths and work on them (again too long explanations necessary …)

We believe in creation (and again a longer explanation necessary;) )

Partner swap: The principle of “everyone with everyone” does not exist with us – in 15 years, of course, couples have found each other and there have also been separations

We make decisions as a community – then the most competent, then who is on site (often it is also important to decide quickly), then Jürgen as a representative of the spiritual world …

…. AND? DO YOU SEE? …. It’s hard! Because with us nothing is as constant as change.

Create your own picture of us, get to know us as we really are, and ask calmly if you really want to know something.

Your spirebos

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