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00359 87 62 47 717

About the steel rat:

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To support the club & the steel rat

Association for the Promotion of Sailing Shipping eV

GLS Bank Bochum

Account number 2005566600 

Bank code 43060967

IBAN DE76430609672005566600


To support us Spirebos personally

Family account Jürgen Hummes 

DKB Bank

Account number 1073669390

Bank code 12030000

IBAN DE85 1203 0000 1073 6693 90



Thank you for your help! 🙂

Nothing is as constant as change

Join us on our new path! We will not forget what lies behind us.

Thank you for your support!

Be there up close?

Come visit us soon!

As soon as we have finished restoring the ship and the interior work is completed, we would like to offer 2-4 guest beds on the Stahlratte.

As soon as they are finished, we will publish photos of the bunks, conditions, etc.

So you always have the opportunity

– to really be there up close

– to get to know each other personally

– to experience the steel rat live and in color

– and sail the oceans with us!

We look forward to meeting new faces and hugging old friends 🙂

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