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Since Jürgen Hummes started helping people in 2000, there have always been phases when he has led a more secluded life, or devoted himself entirely to those seeking advice.

Now we are carrying out our new task in La Gomera and building a laurel temple to support Jürgen’s work.

Helping those seeking advice and giving everyone the opportunity to become a guardian is now our main goal.

You can find more information here, and on Jürgen’s new website

Excerpts from the shamanic consultation:

Where can I get my advice?

1. With me personally in La Gomera, one of the seven islands of the Canary Islands.

 Supported by the love of the largest laurel forest in the world. Here, on site, a laurel temple and a flower garden will be created, which together will serve for meditation, prayer and the search for visions.

In short: a bounded sacred place which, in its neutrality, can help each individual to find his or her own soul.

To harmonize his 7 senses.

 Possibilities of accommodation directly on site are under construction.

 2. At a distance: to make this possible, we will use the Internet as a tool.

 I would like to offer you daily meditations through a podcast, which will give you the opportunity to train your senses, to develop yourself further and to raise questions that want to be clarified in order to release possible blockages.

What is the cause of a blockage?

It arises from incorrect information or lack of information, i.e. from unconsciousness. By asking questions I can point out where misinformation has settled in your mind, causing you to believe a lie.

Blockages have developed and your energies cannot flow because the mind keeps limiting everything.

Through the clarification of the questions, awareness arises. Through this, blockages are released, you find your creative love again and harmonization of the 7 senses arises. Thus one becomes a guardian.

If you are interested or have further questions, you can contact me at the following email addresses: &

When can someone take my advice?

– Anyone seeking advice can turn to me if they are concerned with questions of life and meaning. Likewise, anyone who feels affected by blockages, who wants to find out the trigger, the deep reason and the imbalance of the disturbance.

– In general, anyone who has unanswered questions or who is concerned about something concrete or indeterminate can contact me. I do not want to exclude anyone in advance.

– I give all those who feel responsible for our earth and who want to make this world more peaceful with their love the opportunity to become guardians of sacred places and power.

Become a guardian

Through my sensory training, I want to guide people on how to defend the places of power and sacred places of our land. Using their own seven senses in a natural way.

These places do not only belong to shamans, healers or wise women, they are there for all people to support in their lives. So anyone who has the confidence to do so can also conserve, protect and guard these places on a spiritual level.

One does not have to visit these places in a physical way, it all takes place according to the principle of creative resonance, one of the most important expressions of creative love at our level of consciousness.

Anyone who feels called to do this or who wants to know more about it can come and visit me and/or ask questions about it from a distance.

No previous experience or spiritual knowledge is necessary.

With love in my heart and willing to be by your side,

your Juergen

Shamanic counselor, among others of the Spirebo Community

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