Why start over again?

Yep, not only you ask yourself – we ask ourselves too! After counting (Heidehaus, West Africa, Bulgaria, Stahlratte & now La Gomera) it is our 5th new start.

A YouTuber asked us why we don’t change the shaman instead of always changing the place. We take this comment with humor, because even if these complete changes are exhausting, it has something for itself when you can start over again.

The human - a hiker?

In the origin of our human history we are to be found as nomads. At that time people were nothing resident, they let themselves be led and driven. 

To where it was warm, where there was food, where certain medicinal or fiber plants grew and whatever other reasons there were.

Over our years we have made 2 discoveries that we would like to share with you:

  1. The change of a place can bring a lot of good with it

If we take the bull by the horns and start our “new life” in a new place full of enthusiasm, touch with spit in our hands and try to change old patterns from our “previous life”, this change will pay off every time.

The external change has helped to change something inside us as well.

  1. You can’t run away from yourself

That, too, is a realization that has become clear to us over the course of time. Whoever imagines that a mere change of location can change their whole life, we wish them good luck, maybe it will work out for them! It did not work for us alone.

Deep, fundamental problems within oneself cannot be impressed by a change of location. At best, they lie on ice and rest until we have found our way in our new environment, and then break through again.

Certainly, neighborhood problems can be solved by moving – but if you yourself were not completely innocent of the whole mess, and you yourself have something quarrelsome about you, then the mere change of location will not bring much. The next neighbor will surely come, and the lack of objectivity and tolerance will cause another quarrel.

We can use a change in our life, but we will only succeed if we live it consciously. Outside – and inside.

Just finished and here we go!

We could hardly believe it when Jürgen surprised us one morning with the message from the spiritual world that the Meridian Expedition was coming up for him. Each of us had to make the decision to go or to stay in Odrintsi. As a community we decided to set out together.

For the realization of the Meridian Expedition a ship was necessary, because certain points on the seas of our earth had to be visited. The Steel Rat, a sailing ship built in 1903, was to be our new home (more info here save-sailships.com).

In order to be able to pay for her at all, we sold our beloved village of Odrintsi, which had become a little jewel of self-sufficiency at that time. Scenically beautiful, remote and through years of work and the search for old equipment together a very self-sufficient place.

The day of farewell or the day of a new beginning?

The morning we boarded the rented coach that would take us all to Spain – the place where we would wait for the arrival of the steel rat from the Caribbean – there were probably very mixed feelings in all of us that are difficult to describe. A for and again at the same time. And mixed in with it was a substance that permeated it all, changing the bitter taste of departure: the feeling of hope that we were doing the right thing.

By deciding to embark on this expedition, we had decided against our comfort – for our earth, for every human being who lives on it.

Yes, that sounds corny! But it is the truth.

To overcome one’s own swine dog in order to do something for everyone – not only for oneself.

After we received the old lady of steel in Spain, unpleasant surprises soon came our way: holes in the hull – BELOW the waterline – forced us to visit the dry dock (see also this BLOG TEXT from us!).

Ship life on dry land

For more than 12 weeks we worked intensively on our new home to get it seaworthy again and to finally be able to tackle our task (you can see it clearly in this video 🙂). 

Through the hard work and the fundamental rebuilding in many niches of the ship, we perceived the steel rat differently: We soon knew every wrap, every weak point, yes all the subtleties and thus the whole character of this ship. After all, our old lady is already 120 years (!) old!

In November 2021, there was a need for action: Jürgen had the urgent feeling that he had to go to the Caribbean to advance the Meridian Expedition. With the ship, however, that would take time. Due to the shipyard work we were late, and exactly at that time the winds were extremely unfavorable.

So our shaman flew to Dominica with Tamara as translator, and the rest of our community – by now a more and more seaworthy crew – set off from Portugal towards the Canary Islands (here our video of the crossing).

Of course, as life goes, not everything went smoothly (you can read about it HERE!). But that’s also part of life – how else do you learn?

The surprising thing was that despite all the adversity, we grew together as a community. The sea as a large coherent mass of water had also united us. With all the rocking in the waves, we forgot about discords and unresolved issues, crooked thoughts and self-pity.

We concentrated on the essentials: Just keep going, don’t stop!

Landratte goes Stahlratte - goes Landratte!

In January 2022 we reached the first of the 7 Canary Islands, La Graciosa. During the voyage we often had rough seas, but that evening the cloud cover broke and the sun illuminated the very spot we were heading for. We accepted this brightly shining signpost benevolently, and were happy to see land!

At the end of December 2021 we were reunited as a community, and Jürgen returned with Tamara from the trip to the Caribbean. In the luggage many new insights about our creation.

In the coming weeks, it was the uncertainty that troubled us: How would it go on now? After we had tried some anchorages off Tenerife, La Graciosa and Fuerteventura, the feeling of our shamanic advisor led us to La Gomera.

In the meantime it was certain that we did not have to sail with the steel rat to the Caribbean for the realization of the Meridian Expedition. Due to Jürgen’s trip there, this crossing was no longer necessary. It crystallized that the Meridian Expedition would definitely go further – on land.

For this reason we have extended our creation symbol, it symbolizes the ways on land and in the water:

New game - new luck

The island of La Gomera will be our new home in the future – let’s see how long, you know us 😉

After anchoring for weeks with the steel rat and using the pier of the town of Valle Gran Rey, most of our group is now in the interior of the island.

Here a completely different world prevails! When you reach La Gomera by boat, you are amazed by the high, rocky cliffs. In the most different colors forms have formed there by a millennia-old volcanic eruption, which are bizarre and fascinating at the same time. When it rains, tender green grows on the coastal plains, but barrenness remains predominant, despite its beauty.

In the interior of the island, the largest natural virgin forest in Europe awaits you, a laurel forest that wants to be discovered untouched and enchanted. A completely different nature than we have experienced in Germany, Africa and Bulgaria.

Already now we call the mountains around our new emerging home “fog mountains”, although “cloud mountains” would be more appropriate. Several times a day, whole squadrons of clouds pass through the barrancos, the gorges of the island, giving us the feeling of being live at the shooting of “Lord of the Rings”.

In the change of feelings

So much has happened in the last year – we probably haven’t even digested it all yet. Everything in its time!

Currently we are still looking after our steel rat, for which we are looking for a new owner, who will lovingly care for it.

Another group of us is building a new home. Without having to find big words for it, we show you pictures here, so you can get an impression yourself:

What we plan to do in La Gomera

– There we would like to create a place where people will be able to perceive and feel their 7 senses again. More info here werdelichthueter.net

– We would also like to resume our self-sufficient life, plant gardens, do handicrafts etc. (First impressions here in our last video)

– We have already been asked if we would like to care for and protect the endemic bird species of this island. There are still not many places that take on this task, and since our new home and place of work is directly in the forest, we will probably gladly accept this new task.

– We would like to preserve and maintain the centuries-old terraced landscapes of La Gomera. Just like the naturally occurring plants of the island.

It is also our concern not to be considered as intruders and troublemakers. We would like to live the task that was given to us, in respect with our fellow men who were here before us.

Above all, we do not want to take away work or space from the native Gomeros!

We thank this island and its inhabitants for welcoming us – and we are curious ourselves how our life will go on.


Your Spirebos

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