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Preparation for meditation:

Hello, have a wonderful day today.

I am Jürgen, the shamanic consultant of the spiritual rainbow community on tour.

In today’s episode I would like to introduce you to a Meridian Meditation. It enables you to personally participate in the Meridian Expedition. No matter where you are in this wonderful world.

Before I give you this meditation, there are basic things about a meditation that I would like to explain.

Basically, for me, a meditation is not a meditation until a person is able to bring their mind to absolute stillness. Most people who have explained to me in the past that they were meditating were not meditating from my point of view, but they were thinking with an altered state of consciousness.

But that is not meditation for me.

But first of all, in order to meditate really successfully, it is first necessary that a person learns to concentrate on his deepest inner self. That is, he can bring his mind to a complete standstill in a state of non-thinking. When this state is reached, the power of his soul, his positive karma can rise from the chest, from the brain stem into the cerebrum and will trigger corresponding feelings there.

And one interprets these feelings, and these feelings spread and they become a truth. Only when one’s soul can express itself through the mind does one develop positive spirit. This positive spirit is the energy that leaves the body and flows somewhere in this world according to the creative resonance principle to fertilize something. To join with something to make it become something greater, more lovely. And that’s what meridian meditation is all about.

Basically, Meridian Expedition is also about you trying to remember a specific place. A place where you have been at some point in your life. A place that you have a very positive memory of. Sometime where you were on a coast, where you had direct contact with an ocean, with one of the oceans. That you try to imagine that place pictorially. To let that energy that you release, the positive spirit there flow into that ocean.

So as I just mentioned, the creative resonance principle helps us do that. I explained in a past episode that there are a total of 72 centers of light in this world and 12 of them are at the bottom of the oceans. These are, I would say, the most important ones. These are the ones that first need all the energy to be fully activated. And therefore to focus the meditation on the oceans. Since the oceans are made of salt water, and salt water has a particularly good conductivity, the positive spirit that you bring forth in meditation will feel drawn through the resonance principle in the salt water, flowing to where the ground of your soul has the highest resonance to.

When these 12 centers of light at the bottom of the oceans are activated, the energy from there is automatically directed through the meridian pathways to the 60 centers of light that are on the mainland. It doesn’t have to be that your energy comes to light somewhere in Germany or Europe and fertilizes some people or other things, natural things from our creation system. But maybe your energy flows to Australia according to the resonance principle, to fertilize a person in Australia who is in greatest resonance with your soul, your positive spirit. And he can thus develop the greatest benefit for this creation, with your help.

Our whole creation system consists of giving and taking. We selflessly give all our love over the oceans, so that this energy reappears somewhere in this world according to the resonance principle and is potentiated with other creative love and thus an activation of the light centers takes place. And beyond that the energy flows over the meridian paths to the holy places, respectively also to the power places in this world.

So, now I would like to give you a few tips about the actual meditation. Because I basically don’t know who is listening to me. There are perhaps people who have already meditated more often in this or that way. But there are also certainly people who have never meditated and don’t know how to go about it.

Therefore, I would like to give a few tips from the 25-30 years of experience about meditation and mystical immersion that I have made, in relation to the Rainbow Community and the different students I have had over the years.

Basically, you can do a meditation anywhere. And yet, I would recommend to you: Pick a place, a place that is natural. Where there are no disturbing influences, e.g. with car noise, other civilization noise, also electric smog load, extreme light sources. All extreme stimuli will be very hindering, respectively disturbing for a meditation beginner.

The other thing is to wear comfortable clothes. Clothes that do not constrict you. Natural clothing made of natural materials is also ideal. The Rainbow Community has made the experience that the color of clothes can also influence a meditation very strongly. One could put on light-colored clothes that give you a certain neutrality. The other thing is, one could put on clothes in saffron colors, which supports the person to better feel and perceive his own spirituality, his own soul, his own positive karma. Or to wear clothing in chimney red, which in turn supports one to leave behind one’s own faults and weaknesses.

The next point would be. How do you sit down?

All those who have learned meditations from the Asian field sat down on the floor cross-legged. That’s all well and good, but many Europeans are not really able to do that, to sit relaxed cross-legged for long periods of time, or even in lotus blossom sitting. Nor is it absolutely necessary. You can also choose a small stool. One should not lean with the back against anything.

The back should be upright. That is, the thigh and the back form approximately a right angle. Once in this position, place your feet on solid ground, perhaps at shoulder width. Stretch the neck a little and then go down in front with the chin a tiny bit. Most people find it helps to close their eyes while doing this. And immediately before starting a meditation I always recommend to take 1-2- 3 deep breaths in and out. To pay attention to your breathing at the beginning of the meditation. How the breathing becomes calmer and calmer, the whole organism starts to relax. Until you start to initiate the actual meditation.

All these are tips, you don’t have to follow them one to one. But they may be helpful to you to better initiate meditation, to better get into meditation. But there is nothing that you have to or should do dogmatically. But try to rely on your innermost feeling. Correct it if you notice that you start to tense up during meditation. Try to move your shoulders, shake out your arms.

Try to circle the head, the neck to the left and to the right. Try to get back into a relaxed, calm position. But as I said, no dogmas. No matter in what matter. Dogmas are always the worst thing we humans can do. Because they always lead to darkness. But we want exactly the opposite. We want to bring light into this world, which it so desperately needs.

So I think that this should be enough preliminary information to do a meridian meditation.

If one or the other person actually has questions about his personal meditation, maybe you can send us your question and I will try to answer it in one of the next episodes. I want as many people as possible to be able to do successful meridian meditations. And if there is an obstacle somewhere, something “stuck” and I can help to resolve it, I would be happy to help.

Otherwise, try not to tense up. Don’t try to do anything compulsively. Whenever we want something too much, try to force it, we usually won’t succeed. But the detachment, the happy medium. These are all the things that lead us to our love. That is what matters in the end. You are to find your personal love, which is hidden deep within most people. This love will take away all the fears that some people have. It will take away the insecurities that may have developed about one thing or another in this world.

Therefore, nothing dogmatic. In an emergency, it’s better to ask than to constantly scramble around and not really achieve success.

There is one more thing I would like to give you on the way. A meditation very often works quite well immediately after getting up. But this meditation, you can do at any time of the day or night. Your creative love is always present within you. So from that point of view, there is neither a time of day nor a place that actually excludes a successful meditation.

It all depends on your concentration and willpower, how much you want to bring out your love. That is the only thing that matters. Otherwise, there is nothing that can stop you.

MERIDIAN MEDITATION – Meditation to join in:

And now you choose an ideal place to sit, the ideal sitting position.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out deeply three times.

Maybe let your shoulders rotate again and try to find an upright but comfortable sitting position. Try to concentrate, not to think.

Try to concentrate with your inner eye on your chest, on the deepest part of your chest. Maybe try to pay attention to your breathing until it becomes steadily calmer.

The breathing becomes steadily calmer and the whole material body relaxes more and more and with each relaxation of your life relaxes more and more. And with every relaxation of your material body your creative love, your soul finds access to your mind.

To think of nothing is quite difficult for most civilized people. And yet, if you want it completely, if you desire nothing more, you will succeed in thinking of nothing.

To relax more and more. Breathing becomes calmer and calmer. The heartbeat reduces.

You could try to create a color in your mind-space with your thought power, which will support you to come to peace. Let a small ball of color arise and expand inside your head. Saffron yellow is a color that supports a lot of people to get into a deeper calmness.

Everyone tries to let the color arise that brings him personally the greatest peace and contentment. What you have now done with your head -space, you could do with your chest as well. Visualize a small colored sphere inside your chest and let this sphere expand to a size that makes you feel comfortable and always brings greater and deeper relaxation.

Now try to remember a perhaps familiar place on the coast, an ocean, one of the world’s oceans. Whether you’ve ever been to that place in person doesn’t matter. You may know it from a photograph, from a film recording, or you may simply imagine an ocean.

Let an image of an ocean arise in your inner being. You decide whether it is an ocean that represents calm water or perhaps a wave that is coming up to the shore. That hits a cliff or gently runs out on a white sandy beach. None of it matters. You need to be comfortable with this image.

This image should relax you. Put you into a deep contentment. You look at this ocean with your inner eye. By not thinking, you give your creative love the opportunity to flow. To become positive spirit through your mind and to flow into an ocean through your inner eye.

And through the resonance principle to flow over the ocean, over the salt water to one of the 12 circles of light. You don’t have to follow this energy, but you concentrate all alone only on your visualized image of a known or unknown body of water, on a beach.

This state of flowing you decide how long it lasts. It doesn’t matter if this state lasts 1 minute or 20 minutes. What matters is your concentration. What matters is the calming of your mind. Not to think about anything except that your creative love flows freely.

You can do this exercise as many times as you like during the day and night. As often as you feel comfortable surrendering to this world. Become an active part of the all-encompassing creative love.

In this state, do not expect anything, but be ready to surrender yourself completely. With all your creative love that makes you. With the nature of your soul.

The more often you do this exercise, you will feel that in the end you get more than you actually give. That is exactly what creative love is all about. Giving and taking.

As human beings, we are constantly receiving creative love. But many of us have forgotten to give our own love to this world.

By giving, we also receive.

Should you wish to complete this exercise, thank the all-encompassing creative love for allowing you to participate in this flow of energy. Give thanks that you were allowed to give yourself. Also give thanks for what you were allowed to receive yourself, even if you are not really aware of it yet.

Most people have forgotten how to give thanks. But this wonderful world gives us so much reason to give thanks. Too much has become the norm for us.

When you have given thanks, you slowly open your eyes again. Be in the now and here in this real world. To let all the love that you have just let flow also appear in everyday life.

I wish everyone peace and joy in their hearts with this exercise. I wish you a successful day. A day where you may become aware that you are a part of the all-encompassing creative love.

I would like to repeat myself again. If anyone has any questions about this Meridian Meditation, do not hold back your questions, but ask them. I will try to answer these questions as soon as possible.

And so I wish you a day with as much creative consciousness as possible and say for today bye, bye, bye.

Your Jürgen, the shamanic advisor of the spiritual rainbow community on tour

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