Are darkness and light part of one creation?

Can it not be that darkness and light are part of one creation? That the origin knows no distinction?

I was asked these two questions on a YouTube video. Both are very complex and I find them so interesting that I want to answer them publicly:

I have to clearly deny that the origin knows no differentiation. We could also call light the purest love and we could call darkness the opposite, aggression. They cannot have a common origin because they are completely opposite.

And yet, can’t it be that darkness and light are part of one creation? This question is much more complex. To do this, I would first have to explain and go deeper into what creation – our creation – actually represents:

In addition to our system of creation, there are also other systems of creation that are composed quite differently from our system of creation. In ours there is the driving force, the strongest energy, the purest light, the purest love. And now I have to explain the word love because the word love, if I name it in the purest light, has nothing at all to do with the love that we humans live so every day, because this love is actually unimaginable for us humans .

Creative love and the purest light

It has no beginning and it has no end, and it never stops loving just because something is one way or another. We humans live right now in a world that is insane. The purest light, the purest love, can even tolerate this madness. She won’t intervene, not so easily.

This pure light, which our system of creation has produced, allowed energies to flow into our system of creation that are not themselves 100% pure light. These energies carry light within themselves, are consciously drawn to the light and are willing to dissolve the shadows, the dark part in them, through consciousness, in order to let their shadows, the dark element, also become light.

The purest light, which enables this development, benefits because this energy cell, which now consists of shadow and light, will at some point become pure light and the original light will grow above it. They become one and merge into one another. That is the whole point of our world. Originally this system of creation came into being to give spiritual forces / energies the opportunity to become light.

The creation of material worlds

At some point, infinitely ago, these imperfect energies approached the purest light and – to put it humanly – stated that they may not really succeed in what they actually intended. This is what the purest light has dealt with and has created the material worlds. Material worlds – like our earth. It is one level of consciousness out of several levels of consciousness. These levels all have a material core and spiritual auxiliary dimensions adhere to this core.

Our level of consciousness earth, which is something wonderful that has emerged through pure light. There absolutely light forces materialized. This original world was created through this materialization.

The beginning of the human cycle

This original world would be what we know from the past and what we call Adam and Eve, for example. Adam and Eve is an orally transmitted story of the beginning of our cycle – our human cycle. This human cycle began about 124,000 years ago.

That people worked and acted with awareness. With this they gave the human soul, which is not perfect, which carries light and shadow within itself, the possibility of recognizing and understanding the consciousness of its weakness, of the dark aspect in itself, through a material world. To let the shadow become light through this awareness.

That is actually what matters in this world.

The Golden age

This beginning, which we call Adam and Eve, could also be called the “Golden Age”, as it is called in some Asian cultures. There the entire cycle is divided into several stages:

The “Golden age”

The “Silver Age”

The “Copper Age”

and the “Iron Age”

It is not specified how long each age will last, but a calibration line, a milieu, has been established for each age. When this milieu is reached, a new era begins. The “Golden Age” is the epoch in which the most pure light exists in the material world. From generation to generation, shadowy souls move away from the pure light through their weakness, through temptation.

Shadows and negative minds crowd out the light

In this level of consciousness, earth, the milieu deteriorates through non-acceptance, which does not develop into light. We live the shadow with our minds. With our cerebrum we create negative minds. This negative mind displaces light.

In fact, it’s the other way around – it should be. Namely, that we develop positive spirit with our mind because we recognize our shadow, dissolve it and let it become light. When a person lets this take place in the material body, he produces positive mind. With this the light can grow in a material level of consciousness.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t. Humans succumb to temptation and produce darkness. With this, the darkness increases in a level of consciousness and the light is reduced. The light withdraws from the material world. The milieu changes on a level of consciousness and it develops from the “golden” to “silver”, “copper” and finally to the “iron age”.

What age do we live in?

Now in the 20th century we live in the “Iron Age”. We live there at a point where we are just before the calibration mark. The level has almost been reached which will also end the Iron Age. Ending this does not mean that the world is falling into war and chaos, it does not mean that there is arbitrariness. These are all things that happen shortly before, because the greed for power, for material wealth, is getting worse. The madness grows until it is no longer possible – and that in all layers.

In all social classes, in all classes of different levels of education. One could also speak of “education” because people have lost access to the spirit that stands behind all matter.

Unknowingly mindless

Most people are mindless – and they don’t know. They utterly believe that they may even be animated. When I speak of spiritless, it means exactly that: That people who do not consistently strive for the truth, do not consistently let their personal shadow parts in their soul become light, produce darkness and with this darkness displace their own soul from their life and them to act with the trained.

Your ego grows over it and sends you further and further into a ravine that most people can no longer find their way out of.

Where do we belong?

Our minds are lost, confused. He just doesn’t know where he’s actually listening anymore. This connection to the spiritual origin, to the purest light, is lost more and more. There may be many people who are described as nice, nice, lovable people. They don’t seem to be doing anything bad.

And yet they do not produce any light in the spiritual sense. They have been trained in their doing and working, they do not act out of their deepest inner life, out of their love. The love they live – the supposed love – arises from something that has been trained, something that has been trained. You can’t bring out light with it. Like many so-called perpetrators, this produces darkness. You are helping to bring this “Iron Age” to an end.

We are just about to do that.

Everyone can make a difference

And yet everyone can make a difference in this world. He could strive for his personal light, he could swim against the general current, and he could develop into a so-called Noah. And when I speak of Adam and Noah, I don’t mean the male gender, I mean male and female. I mean the baby and I mean the old man.

Every single person can choose to strive for the truth. And whoever strives for the truth recognizes the lie. And by becoming aware of the lie and perhaps ashamed of this lie because he has been trapped in it for so long, he can leave it behind and let the resonance to the light grow. This growing into light allows him to develop into a Noah.

Global amnesia

If the calibration mark has been reached globally that the energy is completely sucked out of our level of consciousness and there is no longer any awareness of matter, then we have reached the state of amnesia.

What is represented in the Noah story we know about the Flood. This deluge, this mass of water, stands for purification. For the dissolution of all material things. But that’s not the catastrophe. That is the real salvation that stands behind creative love. After that, pure love, without any darkness, lets the energy flow back into this level of consciousness, and a new “golden age” begins again.

Why a Noah turns into Adam

All the people who were in the last hour, in the last second, of Noah’s previous human cycle, will automatically become Adam’s in the new golden age, in the new human cycle. To Adam and Eve. The more Noahs develop in the present time, the higher the basic level of the new human cycle becomes.

I just mentioned that the previous cycle lasted around 124.000 years. It might as well last 600.000 years. This is not decided by the purest light, but by all the people who have existed from the first day of a new human cycle. How often do they let themselves be seduced and give in to the darkness.

Who is the darkest colleague?

The dark’s best colleague is convenience. All the artificial are products of darkness. And why were most things created in our world? For convenience.

The convenience that is simply in us humans – in every human being. We have to consciously oppose the convenience, the lie. We have to roll up our arms and I know what I’m talking about, it’s hard! It is said in German that it is extremely difficult to walk this path, and unfortunately very few people do it. Very few people, if I assume the total population of 8,3 billion people, unfortunately there are only very, very few who consistently follow this stony path of creative love.

The way to truth, to the purest love – to your soul

I hope that I was able to answer the question sufficiently with these explanations and I hope that as many people as possible can understand and grasp this answer. And maybe this answer is a help for one or the other on the way to truth, to the purest love, to your soul.

And so I say goodbye for today. I wish everyone a successful time, with a lot of courage and strength to leave all your lies behind and to find your personal truth. To get closer to the light and to give it strength – and inevitably to take away space and power from the darkness in our level of consciousness.

I wish you all that you will find your truth in this madness that is currently being lived!

See you next time, Jürgen

The shamanic advisor of the spiritual rainbow community on tour

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