Puke respectfully!

Hello dear people,

today news and facts, but also personal information about life on and with my “steel rat”, Manfred (50). So I belong to the group of the older generation on board although, in accordance with the cliché, of course I feel much younger (at least 10 years …).

Barbara and I overtake the sail.

Young and old - when are you what?

People who are advanced in old age are usually said to have calm and prudence, with which one can support the younger ones. There may be something to this cunning, but what matters is how the “young people” tick. We in our crew are very spoiled. Here it is often the young members who kneel down in tasks, expand their skills and take on responsibility. Partly in addition to the responsibility for their small family with several children.

Be it in the function of the captains, the chairman of the association associated with the ship or in public relations and generating income for the ship’s maintenance.

It’s nice to see how young people who have matured in an environment that was shaped by freedom, trust, but also stability and consistency, have developed into responsible doers over the years. I have been observing this myself for almost 10 years in this community. Without this, the Stahlratte project and the imminent Meridian Expedition would not be feasible. This requires courage but also a sense of responsibility, trust but not naivety, flexibility instead of stubbornness, letting go of illusions in order to find truthfulness.

One more behind it – crazy with mind and soul

Another decisive feature in our troop is our spiritual head, the shaman or I could also call him wise. Jürgen. We do not make an important decision without consulting him for advice from the spirit world. Certainly each of us – just as it would be possible for every human being – has a more or less pronounced connection to the spiritual. And when the mind is calm, contact with the spiritual, with one’s own soul, can be established via the feeling level. And thus to find true feelings for any question. But decisions that affect the whole community or even Jürgen’s far-reaching energetic work – the reason for our meridian expedition, we only want to make with the involvement of the “shaman of the oceans”.

I know, it reads pretty wicked, but it’s the truth. Explaining all of this in an understandable way is beyond my time frame and overwhelms my manageable literary talent.

Of drawers with lies and half-truths

It would be very nice of you not to open some dusty drawers in which you want to try to classify us. It won’t work … No, we weren’t crazy, no demigods or esoteric weirdos. We are a group of people who unfortunately still tick far too “normally”, in that it is difficult for them to get rid of the lies and half-truths assumed in civilization and who want to laboriously approach their actual individual nature in small steps.

Without our spiritual teacher and without the holding community, none of us would be standing where he / she is from an energetic point of view.

Well, over the years in Togo and Bulgaria we were able to get to know one and the other side of the ego and weaken or even overcome it. Have learned to let go in order to be ready for something new. Have learned to put personal needs at the back of their minds in order to work towards an overarching goal.

From country bumpkin to deep sea rat

And yet – the step from country egg to ocean rat is a transformation that will be anything but easy. After all, I myself was the shepherd of a herd of water buffalo in our jewel in southeastern Bulgaria, with whom I roamed through wild floodplains. I earned their trust and respect and got their affection and milk as a gift.

In the garden and in the fields I learned to cultivate nature in order to be satisfied with it in a healthy way. With a lot of physical effort and dedication from sowing to harvest and preservation, to experience the real value of natural foods.

Let go! My mind wriggles like a toddler …

Letting go of that, in order to find a new home surrounded by steel and technology in the ocean, which is not really life-friendly for humans, does not slip in one’s mind entirely without resistance. To exchange the security of the meadows and forests for the vastness of the sea … The mind wriggles like a toddler who does not want to sit on his chair.

But the motives are decisive! The soul speaks out with a feeling of confirmation for this step. The energetic tasks during the meridian expedition are too important to hold on to good and cherished values. Very few people are able to resolve energetic manipulations and disharmonies. Our shaman on board is one of them. And only a few people can support such a person in his work. But if the whole project is successful, it can mean positive change for everyone.

Puke respectfully!

So: roll up your inner sleeves, put your own ego in its place and share the limitations of the ship as a living space with 27 other people in the most respectful way possible. Even if you literally puke during a touch of seasickness, the motive should not fall silent.

I make up my mind how I will summon up all my courage that is slumbering somewhere in me to embark on this adventure – although I am anything but an adventurer or an adrenaline junkie. It’s time to expand your own limits again, this time in the limited space of a ship. Where I had found my strategy, which I had trained over the years, to seek out the peace and seclusion of the surrounding nature to find my inner balance. This is going to be exciting!

What is the scope of freedom?

But when I keep in mind how many people are currently restricted in their freedom just by the pandemic policy that has gotten out of hand, I am glad to have this place on the very limited living space of the ship, which enables a freedom that I am not even in at the moment can fully grasp.

I will occasionally tell you how I am doing on the open sea

Your Manfred,

from the steel rats crew


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