9 1/2 Weeks...

Shipyard stays, dry dock & repair mooring are behind us.

Get an idea of ​​it here:

When we joined the board of the Association for the Promotion of Sailing Shipping e.V. in May 2021, it was clear to us that small repairs were pending on the ship.

So get on the bacon! During the derusting, holes appeared in the hull, then holes were found below the waterline when the 1st bulkhead was sandblasted. The steel rat had to go into dry dock.

We let what followed then speak in pictures, nobody expected that:

And what now?...

ride a roller coaster – up and down!

In short, this unexpected turn of events has greatly enhanced our wealth of experience – and very exhausted our financial budget.

ride rollercoaster

The planning of our financial budget has gone on a roller coaster, we are currently in the phase of rapid descent and are waiting for the recoil …

That discouraged us for a few days, until we realized that a roller coaster ride can only go up again when you have reached the lowest point.

So we try not to let worries, existential fears and the feeling of swimming in strange waters grow too big, but to carry on every day with confidence. And a lot of sweat and spit! If you do not work hard you will not see any results 🙂

Stop the journey?

We have the shipyard behind us, the steel rat is back in the water. On board it goes on: welding, flexing, painting, cutting, installing, assembling etc … A watermaker is still missing, the solar systems are missing, the engine is not yet running properly and, and, and …

How does it go on a roller coaster ride? Once you sit inside you can’t stop!

THANK YOU TO ALL of you who have supported us and continue to do so! Be it as a sponsoring member, with a monetary or material donation, with good advice and action by our side or that you helped us to distribute information about the steel rat. THANKS!

Your spirebos