Confession of passionate self-sufficiency

28 landlubbers on rough seas … Help! We need your support!

You call yourself self-sufficient - why do you need help?

We have so focused on self-sufficiency that all of our work and energy has flowed into this endeavor – to live freely and independently! If that goes well, you don’t need much money.

Our income from the sale of our houses was calculated for a complete ship overhaul, food and travel expenses and would have worked out well – but not enough for a complete shipyard renovation.

Completely new life

One thing has stayed with us: We are together!

We have jointly agreed to take as little luggage as possible. None of us have ever really been on a sailing ship, Margot can’t even swim. Everything is new to us and in spite of all the adversities we don’t want to let it get us down.

It was not clear that there would be so many hidden fundamental defects in the ship (e.g. strong rust on the outer wall) that the old lady is now forced to spend many weeks in the shipyard and in the dry dock to get back to be completely seaworthy.

Repairing a ship and making it seaworthy swallows money – and we don’t want to come across as proud self-sufficient, so:

Face reality in the eye

We’d like to openly admit it – we really need help right now. Please be there if you can.

Right at this point, where everything is new, we really need support. You can read about our expedition Meridian 2021 and you will also find information about our ship, the steel rat, a 118-year-old sailing lady (

There is a video in which we explain the context, why we left Odrintsi, why we need the steel rat and why the Meridian Expedition 2021 is so important to us (video here).

You can become a sponsoring member of the sailing club. Simply fill out the form and send it to us. Thanks!

at the moment we are translating the document into english

Open questions

Please contact us if you have any questions or need information.

Perhaps it is part of our lives to ask as many people as possible for help right now – even if it is difficult for us. Because our tails are getting longer and longer, and many people can follow this path on the sea.

Social Media - what . . . ?

Out of 28 people in our group, only one person knows how to use a YouTube video at all. One person reads emails on our smartphone to the other in the morning or in the evening after meals so that everyone can hear them.

Technically, we’re not the most accomplished.

We are currently making an effort to write emails, to keep the homepage fit and up-to-date and also to make videos. Please understand that we are not up to date.

The future

In order to earn money for the maintenance of the ship, we have different ideas: When it finally goes to sea, we plan to work as a transporter on certain routes, as in the past.

And we would like to offer guest beds for crossings, and thus also give the opportunity to be close to the expedition and to get to know each other personally. For 15 years we have been working handicrafts in many areas – in Togo we built an entire village without an architect, and in Bulgaria for example. B. specializes in earth building. We hope to earn the “necessary toads” with this know-how.

We are extremely grateful for your support – and yet we do not want to be permanently on the bag of anyone.

We thank you!

Your Spirebo community

If you would like to support us you will find possibilities under CONTACT and more information under


Help us mend holes...

With your help, the 118 year old steel rat can keep sailing!