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Who we are - Where we want to be

And the in-between, how we want to get there.

The   word   spiritual    is   frequently   used   for   a   great   variety   of   purposes.   Being   spiritual ”   means   for   us,   orientating our mind towards our spiritual sense. A   rainbow    springs   up   out   of   many   different   elements.   It   shows   us   that   real   beauty,   hope   and   strength   grow together   unexpectedly,   when   many   different   natures   come   together.   The   symbol   of   the   rainbow   gives   us   trust to reunite our natures and encourages us to stand together for what is important to us. At   the   moment   we   are   18   adults   and   5   children.   Everything   started   in   2006   in   the   heart   of   Germany   where   most of   us   got   to   know   each   other   around   Gabi   and   Jürgen.   Since   then   our   spiritual   development   led   us   to   various places.   In   2007   the   group   moved   to   the   south   of   Germany   where   we   lived   in   the   black-forest   region.   One   year later   we   set   out   to   emigrate   to   Togo   in   West   Africa.   Since   April   2015   we   are   living   in   South   East   Bulgaria.   The nearly    completely    deserted    village    Odrintsi    is    our    new    home.    Odrintsi    is    situated    in    a    beautiful    natural countryside   full   of   strength   and   peace.      The   very   special   energy   in   the   foothills   of   the   Rhodopian   Mountains   has supported   humans   in   their   spiritual   development   already   in   ancient   times.   Among   them   were   Orpheus   and   the Bogomiles.   For   us   the   unique   natural   countryside   of   Thracia   is   a   daily   reminder   for   the   beauty   of   this   world.   It reminds us, that we should preserve the natural environment here and everywhere else. Since   we   are   together   we   try   to   live   as   natural   as   possible.   We   plan   to   be   totally   self-sufficient   in   the   future. Animals   play   an   important   role   in   our   daily   live   close   to   nature:   cats,   dogs,   chicken,   geese,   a   flock   of   goats, donkeys   and   horses.   We   are   anxious   to   treat   all   animals   with   respect   to   balance   giving   and   taking.   For   us   this   is the way to let harmony rise and to let a rainbow emerge. We   strive   to   avoid   the   usage   of   technical   devices   as   much   as   possible.   Nevertheless   there   are   still   some exceptions.   Why   is   this   important   to   us?   In   general   artificial   electricity   has   a   harming   effect   on   the   human organism. Furthermore we feel very clearly that any kind of artificiality impairs our spiritual perceiving. We   are   all   connected   by   a   far-   reaching   philosophy,   which   comes   from   the   source   of   creation.   The   essence   of the   philosophy   exists   since   spiritual   people   are   living   on   earth.   This   philosophy   can   be   found   in   the   teachings   of Buddha   and   Jesus.   An   important   aspect   of   this   philosophy   is   to   live   our   spiritual   tasks   in   love,   respect   and   with tolerance.   We   strive   to   find   out   what   ones   own   soul   has   been   like   in   the   beginning,   what   the   soul   is   now   and where   the   soul’s   path   should   lead   to.   A   central   component   of   our   philosophy   is   to   get   to   know   our   personal   greed and   to   get   rid   of   it.   Each   of   us   is   working   on   reducing   personal   needs.   The   less   we   need,   the   less   we   destroy   and exploit   the   world.   This   is   the   only   way   how   people   can   gain   real   freedom   in   the   creative   sense.   From   our   point   of view, today’s common consumption, which comes along with our civilisation, will destroy this earth one day. In   our   opinion   a   change   should   always   start   with   ourselves.   This   is   why   we   are   always   in   search   of   alternatives. We   try   to   give   up   rigidity   and   static   behaviour   in   order   to   recognize   our   own   mistakes.   Creativity   and   flexibility help   us   to   reach   our   goal.   Of   course   detours   are   not   excluded.   Our   far-reaching   philosophy   connects   our community, and gives us strength and courage in our daily live. To live our philosophy it is important to be free of constraints and to live self responsible with all consequences. “Be   courageous,   even   where   you   have   no   courage”.   That   is   what   we   whish   to   everyone   who   is   in   search.   In   search for a change from civilization to normality and real freedom. For everyone who asks himself how we finance ourselves, a very simple answer: We do not live to work; We work towards our dream of a live in real freedom.

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We are happy to answer all open questions that you might have. Since we live here in Odrintsi at the end of the world (by the way, we love and enjoy it) our telephone connection is not 100% reliable and we are not online at our living place. Therefore please be a little patient and don’t expect an answer within 24 hours.
Spiritual Rainbow Community Odrintsi / South-Est-Bulgaria