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A traveller between dimensions on his way towards the light

I   was   not   born   as   a   traveller   between   dimensions   in   this   life.   To recognize   my   calling   took   many   years.   It   included   a   long   and   painful illness   that   purified   and   chastened   me.   This   illness   pushed   my   personal development   to   change   from   a   native   craftsman   who   had   absolutely   no interest   in   spirituality   into   a   traveller   between   dimensions.   I   fell   sick at   the   age   of   27,   which   changed   my   life   in   a   radical   way.   At   that   time it   felt   like   a   curse   to   me.   Now   I   see   it   as   a   gift,   knowing   that   this experience was a fast start to my spiritual path. I   have   had   an   unburdened   childhood   and   grew   up   well   preserved   with two   siblings.   My   tolerant   and   loving   parents   gave   me   all   the   freedom   I needed.   They   allowed   me,   for   example,   to   spend   most   of   my   childhood in   the   nature   instead   of   sending   me   to   the   kinder   garden.   Watching plants    and    animals    in    the    forest    and    in    the    meadows    made    me completely   happy.   I   didn’t   like   to   go   to   school   but   in   the   end   I   had   to. Already   in   the   age   of   15   I   met   my   wife   Gabi.   From   that   time   on   she   is my   most   important   help   in   life.   Gabi   and   our   three   sons   have   been   a great   support   during   the   years   of   my   illness   and   during   all   the   changes that happened. I   have   practiced   many   different   jobs   and   acquired   a   big   variety   of   capabilities:   weaver,   textile   designer, forester,   ferro-concrete   builder,   potter,   and   eco-farmer.   Looking   back   I   can   say   that   through   my   parents   and the   love   to   Gabi   and   our   children,   I   was   able   to   face   life   with   trust   and   confidence.   This   love   helped   me   to cope with any kind of difficult situations. After   many   years   of   sickness   with   heavy   pain   attacks,   I   experienced   my   low   point.   I   had   tried   many   therapies and   used   uncountable   pain-killers.      Finally   I   preferred   to   die   instead   of   going   on   like   that.   Exactly   at   that   low point   in   my   life   I   received   a   glimpse   of   another   dimension.   Maybe   without   Gabi   at   my   side,   these   first   visions might   have   driven   me   mad.   But   she   was   full   of   confidence   towards   me   and   my   new   perceptions.   So   she encouraged me to trust in myself. It   turned   out   that   I   was   led   by   the   spiritual   world   to   be   cured   by   the   force   of   nature.   My   love   to   nature increased   immensely   through   this   experience.   During   all   of   my   life   time   I   thought   about   myself   as   a   very realistic   person.   Throughout   my   visions   this   reality   expanded   and   grew   in   an   unbelievable   way.   My   perception of this world and of my own role changed completely by all the new information I received from that time on. In   parallel   to   this   development   my   consciousness   for   the   spiritual   creation   increased.   Finally   I   was   cured   by nature   but   I   had   become   a   completely   different   person.   Still   there   was   a   long   way   to   go   from   the   first experience   of   natural   spirits   until   the   time   I   became   a   natural   healer.   In   the   beginning   I   felt   ashamed   to speak   in   public   about   my   transcendental   perceptions   and   capacities.   I   opened   myself   slowly   through   the   loving pressure   of   my   spiritual   teachers.   In   the   following   years   I   gave   shamanic   advice   to   more   than   7000   people   in Germany. Most of them asked for help concerning their physical condition. After   the   spiritual   world   had   asked   to   move   to   Togo   in   West   Africa   I   continued   to   provide   shamanic   advice   to locals   for   nearly   8   years.   One   of   my   tasks   in   Togo   was   to   reactivate   a   forgotten   holy   place.   I   had   the   honour   to live   at   that   special   place   to   be   deeply   connected   with   the   high   spiritual   beings   of   the   holy   mountain.   They inspired   me   day   by   day   to   support   this   creation   as   good   as   possible.   In   the   remoteness   of   this   holy   mountain   in Africa   I   spent   many   nights   in   a   deep   mystical   meditation   to   receive   a   deeper   insight   of   this   creation   with   all its   connections.   In   these   meditations   I   was   taught   by   high   spiritual   beings   from   different   dimensions.   Each   of them   trained   me   in   his   own   way.   As   a   result   I   was   able   to   widen   my   horizon   and   to   become   a   traveller   between dimensions. My   first   lessons   included   ways   to   communicate   respectfully   with   spiritual   beings.   Then   I   was   trained   to support the spiritual harmonization within the material creation. Disharmony   within   a   person   very   often   leads   to   sickness.   I   have   been   frequently   confronted   with   sick   people   in Africa   and   have   worked   with   thousands   of   them   as   a   natural   healer.   I   loved   especially   to   support   the   weakest of   the   society,   the   children.   Feeling   with   them   in   their   suffering   was   often   hard   to   bear.   To   soothen   their misery I have always been motivated to do anything in my power. After   my   spiritual   education   in   Africa   came   to   an   end   I   received   the   task   to   engage   myself   between   orient   and occident.   Therefore   since   2015   my   home   is   in   the   foothills   of   the   Rhodopian   Mountains   in   South   East   Bulgaria. The   heart   of   the   ancient   Thracia   beats   in   this   area.   Already   thousands   of   years   ago   spiritually   skilled   people of   this   region   stood   up   to   harmonize   spirit   and   matter.   Their   engagement   left   a   pacifying   effect   on   the   whole world.   I   was   sent   here   by   the   spiritual   world   to   continue   this   task   with   the   strong   support   of   the   spirits   in   this natural environment. I   love   to   sensitize   people   for   our   creation   in   its   great   diversity.   I   also   enjoy   disclosing   the   deeper   meanings   of this creation to people who ask for spiritual help and advice. For   these   people   I   am   leading   herbal   excursions,   meditations   and   walking   trips   to   get   in   touch   with   natural spirits   in   the   wonderful   landscape   of   South   East   Bulgaria.   There   are   individual   ways   to   support   everyone   to find his personal life task and to master it. This life contains a deeper sense for everyone. This   creation   reveals   itself   to   those   who   set   out   to   know   the   truth.   Only   by   this   everyone   can   gain   absolute happiness and deep satisfaction. I see it as my calling to accompany humans on this way.


For all that want to contact me by e-mail please note that the answer might take a while. Luckily I am not online at my living place. Therefore checking e-mails always involves a small trip with the laptop for one of my family members. I can open letters by myself but no e-mails. It is up to you how you want to contact me.

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