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News of the traveller between dimensions HJH


To whom it may concern

We   all   are   living   in   a   time,   in   which   big   and   tremendous   changes   will   take   place.   Some   are   talking   about   a turning-point.   I   doubt   that   many   are   able   to   construe   the   signs   of   time   in   the   right   sense.      Because   I   carry   the gift   of   a   deeper   sight   than   many   other   people,   I   would   like   to   inform   about   my   personal   perceptions.   I   feel responsible   to   inform   people   and   to   impart   to   them   what   will   very   likely   happen   to   humanity.   Despise   the   fact what people might think about my perceptions. It   is   not   a   secret   telling   you   that   humanity   is   about   to   destroy   the   world.      More   than   seven   billions   of   people are   daily   driven   by   their   greed   concerning   various   things   to   destroy   this   world.   You   might   argue   that   here   and there good examples for a change in thinking can be found so that things are improving. You   are   right,   nevertheless   from   my   point   of   view   these   attempts   are   not   at   all   far-   reaching   enough   to   stop the destruction of this world caused by humans. If,   for   example,   I   talk   about   environmental   destruction,   I   do   not   concern   the   destruction   directly   in   front   of your   own   doorstep,   which   is   probably   quite   limited.   I   talk   about   the   destruction   which   you   easily   fade   out because   it   seems   like   not   being   supposed   to   come   over   you.   Nevertheless   are   all   consumers,   so   you   as   well, indirectly   concerned,   when   countries   with   low   production   costs   are   abused   to   produce   abundant   ware   for   the western   world,   the   markets   in   Germany,   France   and   America   etc.   All   this   production   mostly   takes   place   under appalling   conditions,   because   profit   is   the   only   thing   that   counts.   Regularly   the   production   takes   place   on   the costs   of   people   and   nature   without   having   any   regard:   Without   observing   environmental   regulations,   human rights,   protective   labour   legislation,   sanitary   regulations   etc…   Do   you   think   that   so   much   unscrupulousness   will not have any consequences? It   does   not   matter   in   the   energetic   sense,   if   someone   destroys   and   exploits   directly   and   intentionally   or indirectly   and   unconsciously,   as   the   result   is   always   the   same:   Everyone   who   purchases   such   products   or   just tolerates   silently   these   exploitive   processes   of   globalisation   becomes   an   accomplice.   It   is   a   matter   of   fact, that all this destruction and exploitation through consumption is shown in the books. Already   for   a   long   time   the   balance   within   this   earth   went   apart.   Instead   of   regaining   the   state   of   balance, the   inequality   is   daily   staggering.   I   perceive   very   clearly,   that   the   spiritual   force 1    which   is   behind   our   creation is   responding   to   this   inequality   because   it   wants   to   preserve   this   material   world.   Currently   it   looks   like   all   the creational   forces   which   I   know,   strongly   changed   their   manner   of   acting.   Because   people   continue   as   in   the past and are until now not willing to use this earth in the creational sense, the creational love will intervene.   What   kind   of   aftermath   do   people   produce   who   are   collectively   unwilling   for   a   change   in   their   personal   life which   would   be   needed   to   rebalance   this   world?   Being   able   for   such   an   estimation   one   has   to   understand   why this   earth   exists   and   what   the   creational   task   of   human   beings   is   all   about.   Already   for   a   long   time   I   am strongly   convinced   that   every   human   being   is   born   to   be   a   purificator.   A   human   beings   sense   of   live   consists therefore   in   developing   the   own   soul   and   transforming   its   imperfection   into   purest   light.   Human   beings   can only   succeed   in   this,   if   they   recognize   the   nature   of   their   souls   consciously   and   adjust   their   whole   life   towards it. But   this   is   only   very   rarely   taking   place   nowadays.   The   destructive   human   species   is   very   active,   full   of   thirst for   action   but   soul   purification   is   not   scheduled.   Humanity   is   therefore   responsible   that   the   sense   of   this creation can not be fulfilled. It   seems   like   the   creational   love   is   no   longer   willing   to   accept   this   inactively.   If   people   continue   practicing   like this,   the   creational   love   will   react   like   already   mentioned   above.   How   this   reaction   will   look   like   is   to   be distinguished.   The   creational   love   is   able   to   transfer   the   purificator’s   role   in   this   world   to   another   species.   If this   case   will   take   place,   there   won’t   be   need   for   humans   any   longer.   Contrarily   has   to   be   said   that   people would become interference for the spiritual development of the new purificators. For   the   well-   being   of   a   possible   new   purificator,   the   creational   love   will   keep   this   material   world.   Therefore   it will not allow people to lay this earth in ruins, not in the material sense as well as not in the spiritual sense. Is there any longer a chance for humanity? My   interpretation   of   the   strongly   changed   spiritual   energies   sent   by   the   creational   love   nowadays   is   the following:   Humanity   is   to   be   reduced   drastically,   so   that   afterwards   it   will   be   able   again   to   act   as   a   species   of purificators.   Therefore   the   earth   has   to   be   freed   from   all   the   people   who   can   not   or   are   not   willing   to   live   as purificators   nowadays.   This   means   the   world   must   be   freed   from   all   perpetrators,   those   who   are   conscious   as well as the unconscious ones. What   would   it   be   like   if   the   surviving   people   will   think   over   their   present   habits   and   would   come   to   reason? This   would   be   a   new   chance   for   humanity   instead   of   letting   them   continue   as   destroyers   and   perpetrators:   In the   form   of   a   consumer   or   an   unconscious   nice   person.   Everyone   who   lives   with   fear,   indifference   or   self- pitiness   within   himself,   a   lack   of   confidence   or   everyone   who   carries   greed,   hate,   envy   or   hopelessness contributes to the destruction of this world. My   interpretation   of   the   current   energetic   changes   is   that   the   creational   love   allows   a   new   chance   to   the human   species,   to   recognize   themselves   as   purificators   and   start   living   in   a   corresponding   way.   It   would simultaneously   mean   that   souls   shall   redeem   their   original   promise:   Becoming   something   higher   than   they   have been originally. This is at the same time the sense of our creation. The   creational   love   will,   for   example,   try   with   light-   and   sound   impulses   to   wake   up   all   the   people   who   want   to be   waken   up.   This   overwhelming   creational   love   will   try   to   reach   those   humans   who   are   looking   courageously   and confidently towards the upcoming changes within a natural environment. I   can   just   give   the   advice   to   each   human   being,   to   leave   any   kind   of   artificiality   behind   in   order   to   become united   with   creation   in   a   natural   environment.   I   also   want   to   encourage   people   to   make   peace   with   their   souls, their   spiritual   force   and   with   all   other   spiritual   creational   forces   at   the   same   time.   We   owe   this   wonderful material   world   to   the   all   embracing   creational   love.   Already   in   the   beginning   this   world   was   built   for   us,   thus our   souls   can   produce   purest   love   by   living   as   purificators.   Being   a   successful   purificator   means   to   reach   the highest light. That   is   exactly   what   humans   have   forgotten   while   living   the   contrary   of   their   spiritual   task   in   this   world.   They worship   and   praise   the   matter   because   they   have   forgotten   that   the   spirit   in   this   material   world   is   the   highest and most important thing.  With love in my heart, to whom it may concern HJH Odrintsi/Bulgaria the 30th of may 2016   1 this overwhelming and breath-taking spiritual force I perceive as pure creational love
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