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Harmonization of spirit and matter Hans-Jürgen Hummes HJH



 Shamanic letter

Living the creational gnosis in the 21



We,   a   German   group   of   downshifters   with   a   strong   spiritual   and   ecological   background,   are   on   a   journey towards   the   pure   and   natural   source   of   being.   We   follow   the   path   of   the   light,   seeking   it   within   ourselves   and all of creation, finding it more and more often. For   us   neither   religious   dogmas   nor   false   moral   -   which   would   leave   us   unfree   -   exist.   We   live   in   accord   with our   current   state   of   awareness   which   constantly   expands,   thus   breaking   the   barriers   of   mind   to   find   inner freedom, peace and love and truely live it. Six   and   a   half   years   ago   we   embarked   on   this   journey   together,   when   we   realized   that   separation   from ignorance   was   mandatory   if   we   did   not   want   to   go   down   with   it.   We   realized   with   an   increasing   sense   of   clarity that   the   world   was   massively   changing   and   we   wanted   to   clearly   commit   to   the   light.   In   our   oppinion   this   is however   only   possible   by   becoming   a   source   of   light   ourselves,   through   awareness,   knowledge,   living   in   harmony with our creational nature, which is our soul, and by showing respect for the Creation as a whole. It   is   our   believe   that   in   our   civilization,   entangled   in   technology,   electricity,   consumption,   religious   beliefs, greed   and   envy   this   is   unimaginable.   We   consider   it   most   important   not   just   to   suppress,   but   to   neutralize   the greed – which is the source of all suffering in this world – within ourselves. For   us   it   is   mandatory   to   have   enough   room   and   to   spend   sufficient   time,   to   become   aware   of   our   carma,   the burdon   imposed   on   our   souls   through   previous   incarnations,   to   attempt   to   neutralize   it.   In   our   oppinion   this   is the only way man can recognize himself in the sense of Creation.   What   is   the   source   of   the   energy   (soul)   that   defines   who   we   are   on   an   individual   basis?   What   experiences   has this   energy   accumulated   over   the   years?   Which   experiences   does   the   energy   still   chose   to   make?   And   where does the journey, the awareness respectively lead us? Lots of question marks. The   essence   of   Gnosis   is   to   seek   for   answers   to   these   questions   deep   within   ourselves.   To   deal   with   Gnosis   by studying   age-old   scriptures   will   get   you   nowhere   on   your   personal   journey   to   awareness,   since   this   is   the   path of the mind only, driven by your desire to find a deeper meaning for your existance. Try to find the spark beyond the dusty scriptures and keep it alive. For   Gnosis   needs   to   be   experienced   and   lived   in   order   to   create   the   light.   No   one   asks   you   to   put   yourself through   the   stresses   and   strains   of   such   an   experience,   but   everyone   who   truely   wants   it,   can   do   it,   as   long   as this is what you are truely longing for. The   sense   of   belonging   to   the   all   encompassing   creational   love   is   the      grandest   emotion   human   beings   are capable   of.   To   share   this   with   like-minded   people,   who   are   strong   when   we   are   weak   (and   vice   versa),   is   the most intense experience on your journey from a human being to a spiritual being. We   are   not   oblivious   to   the   fact   that   many   people   cannot   understand   the   way   we   live   and   feel   no   need   to   do   so. But   we   believe   that   every   man   should   have   the   freedom   to   choose   his   way   of   life.      Unfortunately   people   who solely   rely   on   their   intellect   to   get   along   in   our   material   world   sometimes   even   develop   feelings   of   hatred   or aggression   towards   human   beings   who   have   decided   to   leave   the   common   path.   But   who   is   to   define   the   norm? Certainly   not   the   masses.   It   is   all   a   question   of   individual   perspective,   which   is   defined   by   the   way   the surroundings and circumstances are perceived. Some   are   drawn   towards   an   artificial,   technical   world,   that   more   often   than   not   is   without   love.   Others   driven   by   an   unexplainable   desire   –   do   nothing   else   but   melt   the   mind   with   the   creational   love   or   creational nature,   which   is   the   soul.   As   a   matter   of   fact,   every   scientific   attempt   at   analyzing   the   soul   so   far   has   failed. Therefore   sadly   there   are   people   who   claim   that   believing   in   the   existance   of   a   soul   is   foolishness.   But   don´t these   people   deny   millions   of   others   their   feelings;   feelings   they   experience   in   meditation,   when   they   touch the   soul   of   Creation?   What   is   it   that   people   do   to   themselves   and   others?   Is   it   arrogance,   disrespect   or simply ignorance as a lack of experience of Gnosis? We   live   in   a   secluded   holy   place,   the   Bena   Montagne,   in   Togo,   West-Africa.   We   know   of   the   love   that   is   the core   of   Creation   and   we   live   in   a   way   we   think   is   right   for   us,   day   to   day,   constantly   changing   with   our   level   of awarenss.   We   are   happy   and   full   of   gratitude   for   this   opportunity   because   it   gets   harder   to   still   find   a   niche for a spiritual life on this planet. We   sincerely   hope,   that   people   who   still   live   in   „civilization“   have   a   chance   to   break   free   and   feel   the   oneness with   Creation   as   a   spiritual   being,   not   having   to   bend   themselves   backwards   just   to   please   or   be   loved   by someone.   It   is   in   the   nature   of   everyone   of   us.   We   are   free   to   choose   to   follow   the   path   of   the   light   in   this lifetime! Seek and ye shall find. We   wish   everyone   who   truely   is   on   the   quest   for   consciousness   that   you   will   find   the   light   and   be   part   of   the all encompassing creational love. Everyone   who   finds   our   way   of   life   appealing   and   would   like   to   know   more,   is   welcome   to   live   with   us   for   a   few weeks   or   more.   It   is   vital   to   understand   that   your   visit   is   a   give   and   take,   a   lively   and   respectful   exchange, that helps to create the light and change the world for the better if only a little bit. The   sole   purpose   of   writing   this   publication   is   to   attract   like-minded   people,   to   talk   about   our   way   of   life   and to encourage those who still need a push to come out of the dark into the light. With a heart full of love, Fohlies and Jürgen (the eternal seeker) and the whole group of Bena Montagne Bena Montagne,  8 September 2012