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 Shamanic Letter

Supernatural beings:of seraphim, fairies, elves, avatars,  bodhisattvas... and yourself 

Europeans   as   well   as   Africans   regularly   ask   me   if   I   believe   in   God.   My   short   and   clear   answer   to   that   is:   NO. For   one,   believing   would   never   be   enough   for   me,   since   believing   is   not   equal   to   knowing   and   I   have   long   ago transferred   from   being   a   believer   into   a   knower.   I   am   certainly   not   omniscient,   but   I   do   know   much   more   than I did 30 years ago. It   was   my   conscious   decision   to   develop   into   a   person   in   search   of   the   truth.   In   fact   nothing   is   more   important to me than truthfulness. The   last   30   years   have   been   like   a   puzzle,   where   layers   of   truth   have   been   revealed   to   me   piece   by   piece. Along   that   process   I   was   able   to   more   clearly   recognize   my   true   self   and   the   wonderful   Creation   as   a   whole. Those   who   find   truthfullness   within   themselves   will   comprehend   all   of   Creation,   since   everything   –   micro-   and macrocosm   –   is   interconnected.   It   is   simply   marvelous   to   feel   connected   to   the   all-encompassing   creational love, since you become an active element of this love. I   have   had   my   first   conscious   experience   with   a   fairy   years   ago.   I   had   the   pleasure   of   experiencing   her   ray   of love,   however   it   has   taken   me   years   to   understand   the   fairies   nature.   It   is   a   bit   like   with   us   humans.   We   think we   know   each   other,   but   does   that   really   mean   we   comprehend   what   makes   us   human   from   a   creational   point   of view?   Do   we   understand   where   people   come   from,   which   experience   their   souls   have   made,   which   tasks   lie ahead   of   them   and   where   their   journey   goes?   That   is   exactly   how   I   felt   about   my    fairy.      I   was   happy   to   have encountered   such   a   phantastic   being,   but   I   had   no   clue   about   her.   On   an   emotional   level   however   I   felt   pure love and happiness, which encouraged me to try to understand more of this wonderful Creation. With   my   understanding   of   God   it   was   a   similar   experience.   I   had   been   tought   -   like   most   of   us   -   who   or   what God   is,   on   a   level   of   the   mind   only.   There   was   something   banal   about   it,   stories   that   sounded   unreal,   that   just made   no   sense   to   me.   I   learned   about   beings   who   were   supposed   to   be   coming   from   pure   light.   In   their   name however   millions   died   in   the   most   cruel   of   ways.   The   pieces   just   did   not   fit   and   the   profound   feeling   from deep inside me was lacking. Thus   I   embaked   on   a   personal   quest,   without   ancient   scriptures,   books   and   people   with   barriers   and   prisons   of mind, who seek to prevent others from acting detached and free. In   all   of   those   years   I   myself   had   to   overcome   some   barriers   in   order   to   keep   going.   My   secret   is   to consequently stay on track, without ifs and buts, concentrating on the spiritual energies within and around me. I   would   like   to   take   the   opportunity   to   explain   some   of   these   energies   and   entities   and   how   I   perceive   them. Let   us   therefore   come   back   to   my    fairy.   What   do   I   know   about   her   today,   that   I   did   not   know   then?   She   is, like all other fairies, a being of light from what I call the primary heaven. This is the place from which the material world as we know it was formed, by fairies and many other energies. Right   from   the   start,   some   energies   (souls)   looked   for   a   way   to   develop   themselves   into   something   more elevated   and   more   pure.   These   energies      realized   that   for   every   soul,   there   was   a   similar   energy   (on   the frequency   level)   which   was   however   on   a   higher   state   of   development.   These   souls   were   as   highly   developped and   complete   as   the   others   longed   to   be.   Each   energy   regards   its   higher   developped   counterpart   as   a   role model   and   strives   to   become   like   it.   This   is   why   they   choose   to   go   on   a   journey   into   the   material   world.   In essence,   these   energies   who   wish   to   become   more   pure,   ensoul   minerals,   plants,   animals   and   humans   in   our material   world.   Only   the   souls   within   humans   however   can   develop   through   acting   consciously.   The   others,   who choose   to   live   in   minerals,   plants   and   animals   are   helpers   to   the   souls   in   humans   who   wish   to   purify   themselves. The   role   as   helper   has   been   granted   to   them   by   Creation.   They   can   however   only   perform   their   task   if   humans allow it. Through   all   of   time   –   sine   the   beginning   of   Creation   -   the   souls   who   are   already   in   a   higher   state   of development   (the   role   models)   were   bound   to   the   primary   heaven   as   beings   of   light.   They   can   however   play   a part   in   the   material   world   for   example   as   fairies.   Their   task   is   to   support   the   souls   within   humans   on   their path   to   awareness.   Many   humans   do   however   not   understand   what   the   fairies   are   trying   to   achieve,   since   their energies   have   drifted   too   far   appart.   In   this   case   a   fairy   can   divide   itself   up      into   a   maximum   of   eight particles   of   energy.   These   energy   particles   can   be   perceived   by   humans   as   elfs.   Another   way   of   helping humans   and   to   perform   a   special   act   of   Creation,   fairies   can   combine   their   energies.   In   this   way   hundreds   of fairies   can   merge   to   form   what   humans   call   a   seraphim.   Fairies,   elfs   and   seraphim   are   real,   they   are   spiritual beings  and they can materialize, should this serve their purpose. Once   a   human   soul   has   accepted   all   help   successfully   and   has   thus   transformed   itself   from   an   act   of   creation into   a   being   of   pure   light   (which   is   the   ultimate   goal   of   every   soul)   it   will   merge   with   its   respective   role   model soul   and   can   thus   enter   the   ultimate   heaven.   This   process   has   been   going   on   since   the   beginning   of   creation,   is going   on   now,      and      will   continue   until   all   souls   have   developped   into   a   state   of   pure   love,   in   which   case   the material   world   is   no   longer   needed.   As   long   as   this   process   is   still   ongoing   all   beings   of   light   and   all   role   models within the ultimate heaven can assist humans on earth to develop themselves into the state of pure love. Beings   of   pure   love   from   the   ultimate   heaven   can,   like   fairies,   materialize   on   earth   if   this   should   be   perceived as   necessary   in   the   sense   of   Creation.   These   beings   of   pure   light   are   then   called   avatars.   Jesus   Christ   is   such a   being   of   pure   love/avatar   who   strives   to   this   day,   to   help   human   souls   to   find   their   way   into   the   light   - however always mindful of respecting the soul´s free will. This   might   sound   unbelievable   to   some   of   you,   and   I   do   not   blame   you.   30   years   ago   I   myself   would   have thought   „that´s   incredible“,   because   I   was   not   able   to   feel   those   energies.   I   had   no   way   of   understanding, because   Creation   is   not   conceivable   if   you   come   from   the   perspective   of   the   mind   only.   Once   you   lay   your   mind at   rest   and   start   to   feel   spiritual   energies   with   absolute   concentration,   your   level   of   awareness   dramatically shifts and you develop into a spiritual being. This   is   how   Jesus   calls   people   who   are   capable   of   merging   their   soul   with   a   controlled   sense   of   mind.   I   call   it mystical contemplation. It should be practiced in humbleness, if the goal is to walk the path into the light. The   state   of   contemplation   should   never   be   practiced   self-servingly   but   to   connect   what   is   meant   to   be connected, it is a special form of meditation. Through   mystical,   huble   contemplation   humans   are   able   to   understand   themselves   and   all   of   Creation   and   they enter   a   state   of   awareness.   This   allows   them   to   see   for   example   that   many   scriptures   are   meant   to   deflect you   from   the   essence   and   that   some   are   misused   to   exercise   power   over   humanity.   The   expectation   is,   that the   masses   „believe“   in   something   instead   of   seeking   within   themselves   to   find   the   higher   truth   about   the world. Jesus expresses clearly: Do not look here or there, but rather inside you to find the son of mankind. Those   who   practice   humble,   mystical   contemplation   over   many   years   know   about   Creation;   they   achieve freedom,   peace   and   love   within.   These   riches   cannot   be   taken   from   you   and   will   persist   even   beyond   death.   You just know who or what within this Creation truely derserves to be called God. Discover who God is thus learning who YOU are. I wish you luck with the quest inside of you. With love in my heart, yours Fohlis and Jürgen, the eternal seeker. P.S.:   In   order   to   be   able   to   truly   comprehend   the   meaning   of   these   words,   I   recommend   to   every   seeker   to read   all   Shamanic   letters   in   tranquillity   and   to   try   to   grasp   the   meaning   of   every   sentence.   Analyze   the   deeper meaning   objectively   and   watch   out   for   what   resonates   deep   inside   of   you.   This   might   provide   the   guidance   you are looking for on your path to the light. Or come here to discuss with us here in Bulgaria, Soth-west Rhodopmountains. We welcome every open-minded and respectful seeker.
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